Season 9 Schedule

Greetings coaches, here is the schedule for season 9 of the Seaside Blood Bowl league.

ROUND 1 (3/17/18 - 3/30/18)
Stephen vs. Efren
Steve vs Eva
Lee vs Andrew
Jeff vs Chris (OC)
Jordi vs James

ROUND 2 (3/31/18 - 4/13/18)
Stephen vs Steve
Lee vs Efren
Jeff vs Eva
Jordi vs Andrew
James vs Chris (OC)

ROUND 3 (4/14/18 - 4/27/18)
Stephen vs Lee
Jeff vs Steve
Jordi vs Efren
James vs Eva
Chris (OC) vs Andrew

ROUND 4 (4/28/18 - 5/11/18)
Stephen vs Jeff
Jordi vs Lee
James vs Steve
Chris (OC) vs Efren
Andrew vs Eva

ROUND 5 (5/12/18 - 5/25/18)
Stephen vs Jordi
James vs Jeff
Chris (OC) vs Lee
Andrew vs Steve
Eva vs Efren

ROUND 6 (5/26/18 - 6/8/18)
Stephen vs James
Chris (OC) vs Jordi
Andrew vs Jeff
Eva vs Lee
Efren vs Steve

ROUND 7 (6/9/18 - 6/22/18)
Stephen vs Chris (OC)
Andrew vs James
Eva vs Jordi
Efren vs Jeff
Steve vs Lee

ROUND 8 (6/23/18 - 7/6/18)
Stephen vs Andrew
Eva vs Chris (OC)
Efren vs James
Steve vs Jordi
Lee vs Jeff

ROUND 9 (7/7/18 - 7/20/18)
Stephen vs Eva
Efren vs Andrew
Steve vs Chris (OC)
Lee vs James
Jeff vs Jordi


The following Teams, Season 1 and Season 2 upgrades ARE allowed:
-Khorne, Brettonia and Simians
-All Season 1 & 2 teams
-Random stadium effects may be used if both coaches agree before match
-Season 2 inducements allowed (legendary coaches)
-Season 2 referees allowed where appropriate
-All Season 2 star players allowed

The following upgrades ARE NOT allowed:
-Permanent stadium purchases
-Permanent purchase of star players

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Chris (OC)
Steven Eudy
Stephen Yuen

Latest matches:
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Season 9, round 7
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Season 9, round 8
  1    Men in Tights
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Season 9, round 8
  0    Dick Punch
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Season 9, round 7
  0    Apes of the Apoca...
  2    Men in Tights
Season 9, round 7
  0    The Voltz
  3    Unhallowed
Season 9, round 7
  3    Guineazillas
  0    The Buccaneers
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